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Subject: Re: (S)VGA 640x480x256?
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Thanks a lot, couldn't find anything at all really.  I prefer to do it
myself also, It might not work as well sometimes but at least I
understand what I'm doing. :)  I'd be happy to accept any tutorials or
anything you want to send. thanks again

Chaos wrote:
> Mark Simmons napisał(a) w wiadomości: <38502296 DOT 8AF3AB97 AT localnet DOT com>...
> >Is there a site/faq/tutorial that helps with this?  I can use
> >320x200x256 just fine but I hate how "pixely" everything looks.  tnx in
> >advance :)
> Hi, Mark.
> I had a very same problem as you have. Generally there are two ways:
> - easy way -> use Allegro
> - hard way -> do it yourself.
> Maybe it sounds like masochism but I chose the second way. If you want I can
> send you some sources and/or tutorials.
> The great place to look is:
> or just simple djgpp site:
> If it does not satisfy you I can send you aditional tutorials.
> Take care.
> -=| Chaos |=-
> e-mail:  chengin AT alpha DOT net DOT pl
>               chengin AT polbox DOT com

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