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Subject: Re: NT4 DPMI BUG (303h, Allocate Real-Mode Callback)--ATTN: DJ Deloie, Shawn Hargreaves, Eli Zaretskii
Date: 10 Dec 1999 18:44:19 GMT
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  This is also what I noted when trying to use this DPMI call 
for FreePascal. (But I never took the time to try to understand 
excatly what is wrong.

  I used a simpler workaround :

  allocate space for the register in the file
(which is the Free Pascal equivalent of crt0.S)
as this file is allways loaded first the address is allways below 
the 64K limit and all works fine under NT !
  Having several different register structs has no point as 
the values of the registers are only garantued inside the call !
(See Ralph Brown Interrupt List !)

  By the way it would be great to notify Ralph Brown about this bug.

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