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Subject: Re: 3DFX for DJGPP?
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Amoediun/Trepcoze wrote:
> 3DFX for DJGPP?
> Now that the source is realeased for Glide(3dfx)
> Will someone please add 3dfx support to DJGPP!
> or We will have to program for something
> else if we want 3D Power
> 3D is the Future!
> Later
> Amoediun/Trepcoze
> Amoediun AT mailandnews DOT com
> Amoediun AT telstra DOT easymail DOT com DOT au

At the moment the future of Voodoo 3/Banshee w/ DJGPP is *at
least* in my hands. =) I'm currently porting it (Glide3). I've already
organized the source tree, removed all windoze crap, built a makefile
and trying to find fxinline.h. Probably will be able to support
V1/V2, but not too soon...

Anyone else?

- Antti

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