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In article <3850ffb5 DOT 0 AT news1 DOT mweb DOT co DOT za>, "Jason Barrows" <jbarrows AT mweb DOT com> wrote:
>Hello Everybody
>How come when I compile source that is 3 lines long using DJGPP and Rhide, I
>end up with an exe that is 270 kilobytes or more.  That sounds crazy to me.
>Am i doing something wrong?  I sincerely hope so, cause who would wanna use
>a compiler like that...  :)  Please help !!!
There are several things you did wrong:
1. You asked that question.
2. You looked at the size of an EXE compiled out of 3 lines of code.
3. You did not look at the size of an EXE compiled of of 3k lines of code.
4. You did not read the FAQ.
5. You questioned our sanity.



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