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In article <Pine DOT GSO DOT 4 DOT 05 DOT 9912100355470 DOT 10830-100000 AT shell DOT clark DOT net>, djgpp AT delorie DOT com wrote:
>I think I caught Microsoft in a lie.  I use a Dell Dimension p3 with 128mb
>of ram and it's a 450mhz speed machine.  They contaminated the machine
>with windows 98se at the factory.
>So I put the djgpp distribution on the machine, got to get some good
>software on it and try doing the instructions in
>section 3.9 of the djgppfaq.txt file.
>All was going well until I tried installing a ramdrive with ramdrive.sys
>expanded memory that's above 1mb.  

If you only want a ramdrive because the FAQ mentions that this could speed 
things up, then I'd say: Forget it. A machine like yours running win98 should 
be compiling pretty fast. If you had a 486, things would be different.
However, if you want that ramdrive anyway, forget MS. I remember some 
shareware program for win, that will provide a ramdrive that is easy to 
install and will even shrink and grow according to your needs. I forgot the 
name, though. Anyone?



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