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Jude T. DaShiell (jdashiel AT clark DOT net) wrote:
: I think I caught Microsoft in a lie.  I use a Dell Dimension p3 with 128mb

Nothing new.

: of ram and it's a 450mhz speed machine.  They contaminated the machine
: with windows 98se at the factory.
: So I put the djgpp distribution on the machine, got to get some good
: software on it and try doing the instructions in
: section 3.9 of the djgppfaq.txt file.
: All was going well until I tried installing a ramdrive with ramdrive.sys
: in 
: expanded memory that's above 1mb.   Microsoft says to use the /A switch.
: When I do that, I don't get a ramdrive at all.
: So I load himem.sys before emm386.exe.
: I have
: device=himem.sys and
: device=c:\windows\emm386.exe noemx novcpi

This line seems to have a typo, it says "noemx". Shouldn't it say "noems"?

: dos=high,umb
: If I use:
: devicehigh=c:\windows\ramdrive.sys 8192 512 64 /E
: strangely enough I have me an 8mb ram drive as d:.
: The ramdrive.sys statement evidently must want to be loaded before cd-rom
: drives and zip drives since though its
: order puts it after my cd-rom drive statement in config.sys the cd-rom
: drive is now e:.

If you want to decide which letter is the RAMDISK, I suggest to try
Franck Uberto's(sp?) RAMDISK. Downloadable from simtel, search for
"fu" or "RAMDISK" or "RAMDRIVE". It has the additional features of
handling RAMDISK larger than 9MiB with LFNs correctly (as opposed to
Microsnoft's) and very large ones.

Nyman, The Piano Concerto,


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