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"Damian Yerrick" <NOSP AT> wrote in message
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> You might not want pc.h if you're using Allegro.
> pc.h totally destroys portability.

Well, I included it to use the outportb() function, to set some VGA
registers.  I suppose I could use Allegro's set_color() to achieve the same.

> Post the smallest source file that exhibits this error.

I was able to detect and fix the problem:

I had installed GNU's version of Ada (GNAT?) after DJGPP.  The GNAT
installation program altered my PATH environment variable so that its own
path came *before* that of DJGPP.  This meant that when I was trying to run
GCC.EXE, it was running the copy that came with Ada, and not that which
accompanied DJGPP.  Once I reversed the order of the directories in my PATH
statement, my C files compiled and linked without error.

Some future warning of such a situation may be warranted in the DJGPP
documentation, if it does not already exist.


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