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Ok, Ok, go ahead, laugh at me.
feel those sides just splitting wide open? I hope so :P
I thought it was soemthing like that but I wasn't sure how it worked. thanks
for help.

Damian Yerrick <NOSP AT> wrote in message
news:N5_34.1023$6_3 DOT 33693 AT dfiatx1-snr1 DOT gtei DOT net...
> "Nite Hawk" <malcolm1 AT frontiernet DOT net> wrote:
> > How new am I?
> > How do i get to the C++ compiler?
> > is it gcc.exe?
> > I typed gcc.exe and it said,
> > gcc.exe: no input file! (or something like that).
> You told it "Compile a C program" without telling it which
> program to compile!
> The syntax for compiling a simple C++ program is
>     gxx hello.cpp -o hello.exe
> ("C++compile hello.c and-make-an-exe-called hello.exe")
> Read the README.1ST file for more information; then
> Read Me Third:
> Then, if you still have problems, you may find a solution
> in the official DJGPP FAQ list:
> --
> Damian Yerrick
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