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"Carl Philipp Bickmeier" <CarlPhBickmeier AT gmx DOT net> wrote:

> I've built an Hardware-MP3-Player from an old PC, and now
> I've written a playersoftware, which plays the MP3's

BTW, in order to *sell* MP3 player software, you'll have to
pay Fraunhofer about $1.50 per copy for patent royalties.

> control the display, connect the player with the network
> and so on. And now I want to show an analyser, scope,
> bassmeter or something like that. Does anyone know
> how to do this with DJGPP + Libamp ?????

The libamp "libdemo" shows a scope. You'll need to learn
about fast Fourier transforms to make an analyzer or a
bass-meter (which is a special case of an analyzer).

Damian Yerrick
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