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I am experiencing some difficulty while trying to compile a few C files
using DJGPP with RHIDE.  Considering that I get the same error regardless of
whether I'm using GCC or compiling through RHIDE, I suspect the problem lies
with the former program (or, far more likely, my usage of it).  Here is an
example of what happens:

C:\djgpp\Divida>gcc *.c
In file included from bitmaps.c:1:
bitmaps.h:5: allegro.h: No such file or directory
In file included from divida.c:1:
divida.h:5: pc.h: No such file or directory
In file included from divida.c:1:
divida.h:7: allegro.h: No such file or directory
In file included from divida.h:8,
                 from divida.c:1:
bitmaps.h:5: allegro.h: No such file or directory

stdio.h, which is also included in the C files, is correctly found.
However, both pc.h and allegro.h are also in the c:\djgpp\include directory
(along with stdio.h), and yet GCC apparently cannot find them.  Here is some
other relevant(?) data:

OS:  Windows 98 (running GCC and RHIDE through a DOS box)
GCC Version: 2.95; RHIDE Version: 1.4
Environment:  DJGPP=c:/djgpp/djgpp.env (the file is in the directory
LFN in DJGPP.ENV:  y (none of the files involved use LFN, though)
[gcc] in DJGPP.ENV:
Renaming DJGPP.ENV to something else has no effect on GCC's results
Directory structure is:
c:\djgpp\ -- DJGPP.ENV
c:\djgpp\bin -- .EXE files
c:\djgpp\lib -- .A files (including liballeg.a)
c:\djgpp\include -- .H files (including stdio.h, pc.h and allegro.h)
c:\djgpp\Divida -- my .C and .H files

Assuming I type in the \include and \lib directories into the appropiate
spaces provided in RHIDE, as well as adding the liballeg.a file to what
RHIDE passes to the linker, the C files do compile without error.  However,
at link time, I get many (> 100?) unresolved external errors, mostly
regarding Allegro.

I have been RTFM for a couple of days now (including Section 8 of the FAQ),
without success.  If anyone could offer some advice on how to fix this
problem, or post a pointer to where I can find a solution, I would be


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