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Sorry, didn't know exactly what's in conventional and DPMI-memory, just was
happy to see that I never ran out of conventional memory with djgpp.

Eli Zaretskii <eliz AT is DOT elta DOT co DOT il> wrote in message
news:Pine DOT SUN DOT 3 DOT 91 DOT 991209111245 DOT 21000H-100000 AT is...
> On Wed, 8 Dec 1999, beat studer wrote:
> > If you
> > run a program with a DOS-Shell and look at the memory (e.g.  with 'mem
> > you'll find that only a relatively small portion is loaded into memory
> > 100 kb file-size vs. 17 kb in memory).
> "mem /c" on Windows is not useful with DJGPP programs, because it
> doesn't show any changes in the extended memory, where most of the
> memory used by DJGPP programs resides.  Those 17KB in conventional
> memory that you see in MEM's report are the 16KB transfer buffer and
> some other data that must be below 1MB.  But the bulk of the memory
> used by a DJGPP program: the code, the data, and the satck, is not
> shown at all by MEM, because they live in DPMI memory which MEM
> doesn't include in its report.  To prove this to yourself, run a
> REALLY large DJGPP program and look at what MEM reports when run from
> that program: you will still see those same 17KB (actually, closer to
> 18KB, but that's immaterial).
> See section 15.8 of the DJGPP FAQ list for more about this.

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