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I am working on a new remote debugging stub for djgpp and gdb. I almost have it working but the djgpp version of gdb kills Windows 98 fairly regularly. The cygwin version of gdb does not seem to know how to handle djgpp exes. Is there a way to compile gdb either for Win32 with Cygwin or with Linux so that it will handle djgpp generated files?

I have tried just compiling both the source for the djgpp version of gdb and the regular source for gdb 4.18 with the target i386-coff-go32, i386-pc-go32, and i386-pc-msdosdjgpp and all of them tell me that gdb does not support the target.

I would really like to finish this and I am going to put the stub out there for all to use after it is finished (if anyone wants the source I have now, let me know. It is about 75 percent functional but it cannot single step yet)



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