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Rez <rividh DOT minusthispart AT earthlink DOT net> wrote in message
news:3845DFE9 DOT 1A01 AT earthlink DOT net...
> Al Aab wrote:
> >
> > being a windows hater,
> > i would like to receive a copy !
> ME TOO!!!
> > have u dowloaded caldera's drdos ?
> > rumour has it, drdos 7.03 is stable.
> >
> > (chose the light version, if not interested in networkint)
> >
> If that doesn't work, use instead. Lineo usually
> won't come up for me but calderathin does.
> I've been using DRDOS 7.03 for a while and yes, it is stable. Probably
> the best incarnation of DRDOS to date, in fact. And they fixed the DPMI
> so now it works right with everything.
> ~REZ~

Hi Rez... how's it goin'.  :) It's me (from the watcom c NG).

To the OP... do you have this source available somewhere on the 'net for
public perusal.

Now, isn't that much better than everyone just saying ME TOO!?

Andrew Jones
xluminous AT NOSPAM DOT hotmail DOT com

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