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On Mon, 06 Dec 1999 02:02:49 GMT, "P K" <paulkennedy AT citlink DOT net>

> I am a newbie to DJGPP and I dont understand what this error means or how to
> fix it:
> invalid types `float[360][float]` for array subscript
> I get that 4 times when I try to compile the program. The piece of code I
> think it is refering to is when I try to make my sine and cosine tables.
> This is the code I have for them:

>   float cos_table[360], sin_table[360];
>   float pi = 3.14159;
>   for(a = 0; a < 360 ; a++)
>   {
>     cos_table[a]=cos((float)a/180 * pi);
>     sin_table[a]=sin((float)a/180 * pi);
>   }

This is definitely not the code you compiled.

Please _do_ post litterally the code you compiled by cutting and
pasting it into the message instead of posting code you _think_ you
compiled and check if it exhibits the error you are claiming.


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