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00:42:42 linux fdisk (Viorel Anghel)
01:07:57 compilers and RAM needs (Leon)
01:11:27 Re: emcAsc (Leon)
01:38:49 Need Help!! C++ Emergency!!! (news)
02:38:06 AW: djgpp and profiling under NT (Fritsch Alexander)
03:38:08 Re: Djgpp and rhide (
04:38:16 Re: Help! Allegro3.928 install problem. (Seunghawn Ji)
05:08:25 Re: emcAsc (Martin Stromberg)
05:27:34 Re: fprintf to HP Deskjet (Michel Chassey)
06:08:27 Rebuilding gperf ? (R. T. Finch)
06:38:34 Re: DJGPP+DLL/DirectX? (Damian Yerrick)
07:09:53 gcj binaries (Jonathan Ferron)
07:38:34 Re: Newbie: C++ compiling (Chiew Heng Wah)
08:08:53 Re: emcAsc (Esa A E Peuha)
08:16:51 Re: Sound stream corruption with Allegro? (Luca Bisti)
10:08:12 Re: Need Help!! C++ Emergency!!! (Weiqi Gao)
10:38:55 Re: emcAsc (Weiqi Gao)
11:09:05 Re: Rebuilding gperf ? (Laurynas Biveinis)
12:56:01 Re: Newbie: C++ compiling (Martin Stromberg)
13:11:48 Re: Newbie (Martin Stromberg)
13:15:28 Re: makefile (Martin Stromberg)
13:43:27 Re: HELP - typeinfo/typeid (Martin Stromberg)
14:00:16 Re: HELP,PLEASE error#2 in MS-DOS,LFN Confict? (Martin Stromberg)
14:14:20 Re: Need Help!! C++ Emergency!!! (S. M. Halloran)
15:17:53 [Q] Segmented line in 3D space (Alan McFarlane)
15:40:00 Re: [Q] Segmented line in 3D space (Damian Yerrick)
16:08:06 Weird Characters in Filenames (Ben Davis)
18:37:59 Re: Weird Characters in Filenames (Damian Yerrick)
19:38:11 Re: DJGPP+DLL/DirectX? (John & Susie)
23:07:57 Re: Weird Characters in Filenames (Mr. Gus)

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