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On 29 Oct 99, at 15:04, Neekolai <markspring AT mindspring DOT com> 

> Problem still happens, on the line where it loads the djgpp.env file it
> gives the message on the line below it:
> Out of environment space
Hi Neekolai,
     The problem is that the default environmen't size is not enough.  
It may be that you have too many SET commands in your 

Please try adding the following line to your CONFIG.SYS file       
SHELL=C:\COMMAND.COM C:\ /P /e:512  

The /e: specifies the size of the environment and can be from 256 
to 32768 , So if after  doing this if you still get the same error try 
increasing the value after the e: switch (it will increase the 
environment size) and it should be OK. 

If this doen't work please post the content's of your CONFIG.SYS 
and AUTOEXEC.BAT files.

Happy Coding!
Kalum .

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