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In article <3818B8A0 DOT D9F48A05 AT kbnet DOT co DOT uk>,
  Genealogy <a AT a DOT a> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am relatively new to DJGPP.
> I have lots of programming experience though.
> What is the best program or set of libraries to use so that I can
> Windows 95/98/NT programs in DJGPP.
You won't be writing any win9x programs with DJGPP, it is a DOS
and doesn't do windows.

>  I have heard of TWS and SWORD.
Which are GUI libraries, which is not what you are looking for.

> Which is the better or are there others that are better yet.  My first
> project will be to write a simple notepad like program that will run
> a Win95 machine.

You need to get a win9x compiler. There are four available for free
that I am aware of:
MingW32, LCC-WIN32, Cygwin, RSXNTDJ

Ming, Cygwin, and RSXNTDJ all use ports of the GNU gcc compiler (as does
DJGPP) while LCC uses a win32 native port of the LCC compiler. They all
differ in size, capabilities, etc. (cygwin is posix compliant, lcc does
only C, etc.) Personally, I use LCC most of the time, it was the least
troublesome on our NT server, but your mileage may vary. (Just got
VisualStudio 6, so my LCC days are likely numbered now as well.)

You can get URL's for all of these compilers by doing a quick search on
this group at or a similar news archive.

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