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	try saveas and look at where you are saving it.  It should be
c:\autoexec.bat.  Also if you simply exit EDIT remember to ensure that
you clk the save file button.  If you are not using edit it may be saved
as c:\aoutexec.bat.doc or xxx!

		Regards Ian.

Neekolai wrote:
> If anyone can help me with my djgpp setup problem, it would be much
> appreciated.  When I go to modify my autoexec.bat file it doesn't save the
> info after I run it.  Here's what I add...
> I save the file, then run autoexec.bat, it runs, then I go back to edit my
> autoexec.bat file and the stuff I added is gone.  It happens every time!
> I don't know what to do, help!
> either post or email: neekolai1 AT hotmail DOT com
> Thank you

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