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From: Damian Yerrick <DELCAPSyerricde AT pineight DOT 8mSOFTWARE DOT com>
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Subject: Does SETEdit has a bug? (was: Does FET has a bug?)
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On 29 Oct 1999 07:56:27 GMT,
Forsberg Sakari <zacu AT cc DOT tut DOT fi> wrote:

> I tried to start FED
> with options like
> fed -25
> fed -30 etc.
> and it crashes when started:
> fed -35
> fed -40
> and just for these two, every other screen heights it
> opens normally (in DOS)

Normally, I start both Me$$-DOS edit with 50 lines, the Command shell
with 50 lines, and RHIDE with 50 lines. Try opening up a Command shell
(MS-DOS prompt somewhere on the ::[+] Start menu) and doing
before you start FED.

But for some reason, salvador's SETEdit starts up OK if I'm in 50
lines before I start, but if I change it and change it back, I can
never get 50 lines again.

Damian Yerrick
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