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Subject: Re: Win32 programs - written in DJGPP?
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Michael Abbott aka frEk <20014670 AT snetch DOT cpg DOT com DOT au> wrote in message
news:3819199B DOT 77B5ED79 AT snetch DOT cpg DOT com DOT au...
> > on your favourite Simtel mirror.
> >
> > Then there is Cygwin and mingw32. Both are very good, but you'll need to use
> > bit of batch file trickery to get them working in tandem with DJGPP. I can't
> > remember URL's for these now, maybe someone will post a follow up.
> >
> > Last but not least, there is lcc-win32, which is not DJGPP or GCC at, but is
> > another good, free win32 compiler.
> Can RSXNTDJ be used for commercial applications? I know that lcc-win32 can't

As far as I know (I'm not the RSXNTDJ author, just someone who recently worked
with it), RSXNTDJ is GPL. But don't quote me on that! You may want to check with
the real author first, Rainer Schnitker at rainer AT mathematik DOT uni-bielefeld DOT de.

Johan Venter
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