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Subject: Re: Win32 programs - written in DJGPP?
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Johan Venter wrote:

> There are a number of ports of GCC to Windows. First there's RSXNTDJ, which is
> an add on to DJGPP. Get it from from pub/simtelnet/gnu/djgpp/v2tk/
> on your favourite Simtel mirror.
> Then there is Cygwin and mingw32. Both are very good, but you'll need to use a
> bit of batch file trickery to get them working in tandem with DJGPP. I can't
> remember URL's for these now, maybe someone will post a follow up.
> Last but not least, there is lcc-win32, which is not DJGPP or GCC at, but is
> another good, free win32 compiler.

Can RSXNTDJ be used for commercial applications? I know that lcc-win32 can't :(


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