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On Thu, 28 Oct 1999 09:47:25 GMT,
cybpunk AT geocities DOT com (John G) wrote:

> >But a better solution would be to rewrite your code so that it doesn't
> >*need* to empty the input buffer at all.  Unfortunately, you didn't
> >provide any details about why do you need to empty stdin, so it is
> >impossible to give a more specific advice.
> Okay, this is the reason I need to empty the buffer.  Say I input a
> int with fscan then latter on input a character.  Say the user doesn't
> follow directions and enters 1.5.  Input stops at the period and
> leaves .5 in the buffer.  Now when I use fscan to input a character it
> grabs the . out of the buffer and doesn't wait for input from the
> keyboard.  Clearing out the buffer before the call to fscan solves
> this problem.

I've always done my scanf()ing by combining gets() with sscanf(). It's
quite a bit safer, as you get a line at a time, similar to what is
done with "LINE INPUT string$" in some Basic dialects.

Damian Yerrick
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