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At 13:51 30/09/99 -0700, you wrote:
>Does anybody have any experience with the jpeg library from the
>Independent JPEG Group and DJGPP?

Yes almost the same as yours. . . see below.

>I have build the package with DJGPP and got the same warning with two
>files (jcmainct.c & jdmainct.c), something like "main is usually a
>function". The rest compiles just fine, using the correct makefile and
>config file.

I did not have any of this complaints. Did you rename the right config file
to turn it in the correct header for DJGPP?

>When I run the self test (make test) only two tests are correct:
>testorig.jpg is identical to testoutt.jpg and testimg.bmp is identical
>to testout.bmp. All other files are different. When I inspect the files
>with a viewer it turns out that when the input is a green rose, the
>output is a red rose and vice versa. Recompiling doesn't help any.
>Does anybody recognize this problem and knows a solution?

This behaviour is exactly the one I (and my coleague) experienced. However,
my coleague was able to rebuild the GRX with jpeg support with the library
in such state and is happy saving his images in jpeg format .



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