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> Andrew Durdin <andy AT tavultesoft DOT com> wrote in message
> news:3 DOT 0 DOT 5 DOT 32 DOT 19990930175310 DOT 00799570 AT tavultesoft DOT com...
> > Is there any way I can create an EXE that doesn't need the separate
>Damian Yerrick <web DOT poison AT pineight DOT 8m DOT com> wrote:
> Not yet.
> Mr. Sandmann, would you mind working on this?
> Perhaps write a stub that includes CWSDPMI?
There is a DPMI server called PMODE\DJ wich is downloadable as v2misc\ It can
be bound to your EXE to create a standalone EXE, wich will not require CWSDPMI.EXE.
However PMODE\DJ doesn't support virtual memory but if this isn't a problem it is a very
good and fast DPMI server. Please read section 4.5 of the  FAQ for more info.
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