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>>    The reason is that for encryption you get closer to the machine.
>> And even with the same machine you don't find compliers useing the
>> same word size. I have yet to hear from any one getting
>> my encryption program to ran on another machine besides the PC.
>> Take a look at it.
>But if you don't use the int type, there are two types that are the same
>on almost all C and C++ compilers and machines:
>short (16 bits)
>long (32 bits)
     In my particulare application I read the file into an area of virtual 
memory. And then have overlayed various 19 bit fields. One starts
at the start of first byte and goes down. An other starts 9 nine before
that one. And another start at last bit of file and goes back. The three
different layouts of the same memory along with the indianness of the
PC seem to cause problem for people who don't have a PC and DJGPP
C.   Feel free to try to get to ran on something different.  Because it
requires some understanding of the machine to use it.

David A. Scott
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