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Subject: independent jpeg group library problem
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Does anybody have any experience with the jpeg library from the
Independent JPEG Group and DJGPP?

I have build the package with DJGPP and got the same warning with two
files (jcmainct.c & jdmainct.c), something like "main is usually a
function". The rest compiles just fine, using the correct makefile and
config file.

When I run the self test (make test) only two tests are correct:
testorig.jpg is identical to testoutt.jpg and testimg.bmp is identical
to testout.bmp. All other files are different. When I inspect the files
with a viewer it turns out that when the input is a green rose, the
output is a red rose and vice versa. Recompiling doesn't help any.

Does anybody recognize this problem and knows a solution?

Thanks in advance,

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