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Subject: ANNOUNCE: gcc-2.95.1 for DJGPP
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This is an announcement of DJGPP port of gcc-2.95.1 and some additional 

	GCC used to stand for the GNU C Compiler, but since the compiler 
	supports several other languages aside from C, it now stands
	for the GNU Compiler Collection. It includes C, C++, 
	Objective-C and GNU Fortran compilers with corresponding libraries.
	There are too much new features in gcc-2.95.1 against gcc-2.8.1 and 
	egcs-1.1.2 that it's difficult to name them all here.

	This is addon for current gcc releases (e.g. gcc-2.95.1)
	and libstdc++.  It is needed only if your applications depend on
	libg++ and you cannot easily remove the dependency on libg++.
	The standalone libg++ is no longer needed.  Note that this package
	is no longer being maintained.

which are available from DJGPP distribution in Simtelnet 
(and mirror sites) in directory v2gnu:

For information what's new in gcc-2.95.1 and gcc-2.95 see

There are 7 archives:
   readme-gcc295.txt - readme file from DJGPP port of GCC-2.95.1. It's in
                  separate file to avoid need to download large archives
                  to get this file. - sources of gcc-2.95.1 and libg++- for DJGPP. 
                  I put all sources in a single archive. This file is only 
                  needed if You're want to rebuild gcc-2.95.1 from sources. - binaries of C compiler - binaries of C++ compiler (needs - binaries of Fortran compiler (needs - binaries of Objective C compiler (needs - binaries and header files of libg++- (useless
                  without and - shell script and patches for original gcc-2.95.1 (and 
                  libg++- sources. I used them to generate gcc-2.95.1
		  sources for DJGPP (later archived in

   (Note that CHILL and JAVA compiler binaries are not made available as they
   are not ready for general use, more exactly not tested at all. I don't know 
   when this will change. I don't have any plans in that direction)

Files user need:
   Programming languages  Needed files 
   C++	        , (and possibly also
   Fortran      ,
   Objective-C  ,
   Pascal                 Sorry, not supported. Use port of egcs-1.1.2 instead         

NOTE: contains file cxxfilt.exe and there is file with same name in
      binutils ( You can safely overwrite the old one. 

For more information about this port see archive
after unpacking either or or get file 
readme-gcc295.txt from directory v2gnu in DJGPP distribution 

Also please DON'T mix C++ libraries (or object files) built with 
different compiler versions. C++ sources should be recompiled (seems 
that there is no need to do this for C sources). 

System requirements:
	DJGPP-2.02 or above (otherwise exceptions will not work at all)
	binutils-2.8.1 (2.9.1 recommended however official port is
              not yet available)

Some warning for users of C++. C++ compiler in gcc-2.95.1 does more strict
syntax checking as earlier versions of gcc and egcs. As result errors are 
generated in many places where earlier one got warnings. 

Happy hacking

Andris Pavenis <pavenis AT lanet DOT lv>

Here is official announcement of gcc-2.95.1

                                 GCC 2.95.1
   August 19, 1999
   The GNU project and the GCC/EGCS developers are pleased to announce
   the release of GCC version 2.95.1. GCC used to stand for the GNU C
   Compiler, but since the compiler supports several other languages
   aside from C, it now stands for the GNU Compiler Collection.
   This is a minor release to address several bugs in the GCC version
   2.95 release.
     * Generic bugfixes and improvements
          + Various documentation fixes related to the GCC/EGCS merger.
          + Fix memory management bug which could lead to spurious
            aborts, core dumps or random parsing errors in the compiler.
          + Fix a couple bugs in the dwarf1 and dwarf2 debug record
          + Fix infinite loop in the CSE optimizer.
          + Avoid undefined behavior in compiler FP emulation code
          + Fix install problem when prefix is overridden on the make
            install command.
          + Fix problem with unwanted installation of assert.h on some
          + Fix problem with finding the wrong assembler in a single tree
          + Avoid increasing the known alignment of a register that is
            already known to be a pointer.
     * Platform specific bugfixes and improvements
          + Codegen bugfix for prologue/epilogue for cpu32 target.
          + Fix long long code generation bug for the Coldfire target.
          + Fix various aborts in the SH compiler.
          + Fix bugs in libgcc support library for the SH.
          + Fix alpha ev6 code generation bug.
          + Fix problems with EXIT_SUCCESS/EXIT_FAILURE redefinitions on
            AIX platforms.
          + Fix -fpic code generation bug for rs6000/ppc svr4 targets.
          + Fix varargs/stdarg code generation bug for rs6000/ppc svr4
          + Fix weak symbol handling for rs6000/ppc svr4 targets.
          + Fix various problems with 64bit code generation for the
            rs6000/ppc port.
          + Fix codegen bug which cuased tetex to be mis-compiled on the
          + Fix compiler abort in new cfg code exposed by x86 port.
          + Fix out of range array reference in code convert flat
            registers to the x87 stacked FP register file.
          + Fix minor vxworks configuration bug
          + Fix return type of bsearch for SunOS 4.x.
     * Language & Runtime specific fixes.
          + The G++ signature extension has been deprecated. It will be
            removed in the next major release of G++. Use of signatures
            will result in a warning from the compiler.
          + Several bugs relating to templates and namespaces were fixed.
          + A bug that caused crashes when combining templates with -g on
            DWARF1 platforms was fixed.
          + Pointers-to-members, virtual functions, and multiple
            inheritance should now work together correctly.
          + Some code-generation bugs relating to function try blocks
            were fixed.
          + G++ is a little bit more lenient with certain archaic
            constructs than in GCC 2.95.
          + Fix to prevent shared library version #s from bring truncated
            to 1 digit
          + Fix missing std:: in the libstdc++ library.
          + Fix stream locking problems in libio.
          + Fix problem in java compiler driver.
   The whole suite has been extensively [1]regression tested and
   [2]package tested. It should be reliable and suitable for widespread
   The compiler has several new optimizations, new targets, new languages
   and other new features. See the [3]new features page for a more
   complete list of new features found in the GCC 2.95 releases.
   The sources include installation instructions in both HTML and
   plaintext forms in the install directory in the distribution. However,
   the most up to date [4]installation instructions and [5]build/test
   status are on the web pages. We will update those pages as new
   information becomes available.
   The GCC developers would like to thank the numerous people that have
   contributed new features, test results, bugfixes, etc to GCC. This
   [6]amazing group of volunteers is what makes GCC successful.
   And finally, we can't in good conscience fail to mention some
   [7]caveats to using GCC 2.95.1.
   Download GCC 2.95.1 from the [8]GNU FTP server (
   Download GCC 2.95.1 from the [9]GCC/EGCS FTP server
   [10]Find a GNU mirror site
   [11]Find a GCC/EGCS mirror site
   For additional information about GCC please see the [12]GCC project
   web server or contact the [13]GCC development mailing list.
   Last modified on August 19, 1999.


  13. mailto:gcc AT gcc DOT gnu DOT org

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