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Subject: Re: Pointers vs subscripting.
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On Wed, 29 Sep 1999 20:33:52 -0500, "Damian Yerrick"
<web DOT poison AT pineight DOT 8m DOT com> wrote:

>Kevin <krugman AT nospam DOT demon DOT co DOT uk> wrote:
>If you're trying to mung your address so that spambots don't get
>it, changing the domain to nospam.* doesn't work; your mail will
>probably still get through. Try changing demon to all caps and
>inserting a cute word (exorcist or something?) between two of
>the letters.
>krugman AT DEexorcistMON DOT co DOT uk
>This will confuse spambots more thoroughly.

Hi Damian,
My understanding of spammers is that they generate email addresses by
reading the headers, and they don't bother downloading the message to
get the Email address.

I am also led to believe that  putting a non valid Email address
greatly increases internet traffic as mail sent to that address gets
bounced around twice instead of once.. is a valid email address from which all email is
just junked by the domain holder, though you have to ask his
permission before using it.

Thanks for the info on pointers, and the MID macro.


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