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Michael Stewart wrote:
> From what I understand CWSDPMI implements alot of DPMI v1.0 functions
> whereas Windows 9x & NT only implement DPMI v0.9.
> CWSDPMI is the most complete implementation I know off.

I don't think "a lot" is the right term here - "a few" is more like it:

DPMI 1.0: function 0x0506 -> __dpmi_get_page_attributes()
DPMI 1.0: function 0x0507 -> __dpmi_set_page_attributes(), mprotect()
DPMI 1.0: function 0x0508 -> __dpmi_map_device_in_memory_block()
DPMI 1.0: function 0x0509 ->
DPMI 1.0: function 0x0E01 -> __dpmi_get_coprocessor_status()

I particularly remember that CWSDPMI doesn't implement any of the shared
memory calls.

BTW I compiled a list of DPMI 1.0 -> DJGPP function name mappings, if
anyone's interested.


Richard Dawe
richdawe AT bigfoot DOT com ICQ 47595498

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