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SCOTT19U.ZIP_GUY <dscott AT networkusa DOT net> wrote in message
news:7suob2$pti$2 AT news DOT gate DOT net...
>    The reason is that for encryption you get closer to the machine.
> And even with the same machine you don't find compliers useing the
> same word size. I have yet to hear from any one getting
> my encryption program to ran on another machine besides the PC.
> Take a look at it.

But if you don't use the int type, there are two types that are the same
on almost all C and C++ compilers and machines:
short (16 bits)
long (32 bits)

Warning: Java is not C. Java defines int as 32 bits and long as what
DJGPP calls a 'long long,' that is, 64 bits.

Damian Yerrick

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