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Subject: Re: Java JNI problems with GCC???
Date: 30 Sep 1999 17:31:43 GMT
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In article <g_KI3.477$J83 DOT 44385 AT typhoon-la DOT pbi DOT net>,
AndrewTek <andrewtek1 AT excite DOT com> wrote:
>Hi all,
>Thanks for helping me to get my dll-creation programs set up. And thanks for
>helping me to get my include paths to work. Now I have a new problem which I
>hope is not off-topic. I get all kinds of wierd warnings from gcc when I try
>to include the jdk1.1.6/include folder.

Java JNI headers use a MSVC specific extension, namely __int64 type. GCC
uses `long long'. You can simply patch the JNI header to work with either

See for some Java
JNI examples with GCC (works with Cygwin or Mingw32, I don't know if it
will with RSXNTDJ or not).


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