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Subject: Re: OT? Martin S (Re: gcc optimizes divisons!)
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On Wed, 29 Sep 1999, Damian Yerrick wrote:

> > Nitpicking: when posting a message with non-ASCII characters, please
> > make sure your mailer is set up to include the "charset=" header with
> > a correct character set definition, so that mail clients which read
> > your mail display it correctly.
> And how do I do this with Micro$oft Outhouse Depress
> (officially Microsoft Outlook Express 5.00 2314 1300)?
> Should the "Encoding" popup menu be set to
> Western European (ISO)?

I have no idea how this is done with Depressware (although the Encoding 
popup seems promising), since I never use it.  Ask me about Emacs RMAIL, 
and I can tell you *exactly* what to do ;-).

If you want to try using the Encoding popup and want a feedback if it
works, mail me privately with a message that includes non-ASCII

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