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On Tue, 28 Sep 1999, Richard Dawe wrote:

> Well, I just took a look and it appears its not quite that simple ;)
> TCP/IP is supported, but (only?) for VxWorks programs.

I'm not sure you looked in the right place.  Look in the gdb/gdbserver
directory (it might be missing from the DJGPP source distribution).

> I think maybe this would be slightly too ambitious. It may be better to
> use some kind of serial-to-TCP/IP conversion. I imagine the serial support
> is more robust than libsocket.

As far as I see, gdbserver supports both serial and TCP/IP, although
it's possible that the latter is not finished.  Even if so, it
shouldn't be hard to finish it, since the underlying protocol hardly
matters too much.  At least as far as DJGPP support is concerned, the
physical protocol is NOT the aspect that presents the major challenge.

> BTW I looked at the gdb 4.16 sources, so maybe things have advanced since
> then?

A lot has changed.  Please look in the latest version on GNU FTP

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