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In your makefile, or in the command line you might compose yourself to gcc at 
the very least, you can use or arrange for the '-I' option to specify 
separately all include paths that are outside the standard one.

So if you have headers in 'c:\myprojects\include' where you might keep your own 
custom headers commonly used for multiple projects you have, your makefile or 
you should see a command line:

   gcc -Ic:\myprojects\include ...

and then you won't see the 'header file not found' error message.  If you use 
the pre-processor (cpp.exe) by itself, it also requires that flag and format.

The standard include path is included implicitly, so you shouldn't need to 
specify it.

'info gcc' should be authoritative information for you as to what all you can 
do with the options to gcc in djgpp.

On 29 Sep 99, AndrewTek was found to have commented thusly:

> Hi All,
> I was wondering how I would go about modifying my Include path in DJGPP. I
> need to include some "special" folders but I don't want to copy their
> contents into the main include folder... is there a way to modify the paths
> that DJGPP looks in so that it can find these header files?
> Thanks for the help
> Andrew

Mitch Halloran
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