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Joe C. wrote:
> I'm having a problem running the djgpp/gpp compiler on Windows NT.
> I've looked at a few posts and tried the suggestions regarding long
> filenames, but so far it's still not working.
> Here's what I've done:
> Used winzip to unzip, and  When I
> look at the files in Win Explorer, or in a DOS box with DIR I can see
> the long filenames just fine.  But when I try to "vi" or "edit" the
> files, like "streambuf.h" I get no file - I can only edit it as
> "stream~1.h"!  When I tried to compile this simple program to test:
> I read a post that said DJGPP does not have access to long filenames on
> Windows NT, 

This is correct.

> so I tried the next suggestion which was to use pkunzip.  I
> did this, and I got the 8.3 filename format (but without the annoying
> "~1" etc. ), set the LFN= to "n" in djgpp.env (also set it to "y"), and
> still got errors.  This time the compiler says:
> test.cpp:2: syntax error before `namespace'

I don't think namespaces are completely implemented in GCC yet.  (I
assume the code is correct, though I don't know enough C++ to be sure.)
> If I just change the "include/namespace" lines to "#include
> <iostream.h>" I get:
> gpp.exe: installation problem, cannot exec `as': No such file or
> directory (ENOENT)

You didn't install, which includes the assembler and other
vital passes of the compiler.

If you use the zip picker at, it will tell you all the
zips you need.


Nate Eldredge
neldredge AT hmc DOT edu

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