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Subject: Re: String output using AT&T
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stefan fröberg wrote:
> Hello everyone !
> How is the following MASM code translated to AT&T inline assembly ?
> data    seg
>     message    db    "Hello there !$"
> data    ends
> code    seg
>     mov    ax,data
>     mov    ds,ax
>     mov    dx,offset message
>     mov    ah,09H
>     int    21H
>     mov    ax,4C00h
>     int    21H
> code    ends

Translating it directly won't work.  You have not only a different
syntax, but a different processor mode and a different memory model.

Personally, I would translate it

printf("Hello there !");

Since this snippet involves passing a buffer to DOS, it's a bit
complex.  But if you really want to make it work, see FAQ sections 18.2
and 18.13.

Nate Eldredge
neldredge AT hmc DOT edu

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