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I'm having a problem running the djgpp/gpp compiler on Windows NT.
I've looked at a few posts and tried the suggestions regarding long
filenames, but so far it's still not working.

Here's what I've done:

Used winzip to unzip, and  When I
look at the files in Win Explorer, or in a DOS box with DIR I can see
the long filenames just fine.  But when I try to "vi" or "edit" the
files, like "streambuf.h" I get no file - I can only edit it as
"stream~1.h"!  When I tried to compile this simple program to test:

#include <iostream>
use namespace std;

int main() {

        cout << "this is a test" << endl;

        return 0;

I got an error message:

>  test.cpp: d:/djgpp/lang/cxx/iostream.h:31: streambuf.h : No such
file or directory

Also, the LFN= was set to "y" in the djgpp.env file.

This confirmed that DJGPP just didn't see streambuf.h, even though it
was there...

I read a post that said DJGPP does not have access to long filenames on
Windows NT, so I tried the next suggestion which was to use pkunzip.  I
did this, and I got the 8.3 filename format (but without the annoying
"~1" etc. ), set the LFN= to "n" in djgpp.env (also set it to "y"), and
still got errors.  This time the compiler says:

test.cpp:2: syntax error before `namespace'

If I just change the "include/namespace" lines to "#include
<iostream.h>" I get:

gpp.exe: installation problem, cannot exec `as': No such file or
directory (ENOENT)

Not sure of the next step, or if DJGPP/gpp will even run on Windows NT
at all.  Any suggestions appreciated.


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