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Damian Yerrick (die DOT spammers AT pineight DOT 8m DOT com) wrote:
: Binary Posting for Dummies
: By Damian Yerrick
: Johan Venter:
: 1. Don't post binaries here please.
: Martin Stromberg:
: You shouldn't post binaries. Period.
: Damian Yerrick
: You can post binaries, but only to an FTP site, _never_ as an
: attachment to a NG post. Post the binary and source to your
: FTP or Web server and post a _link_ to the newsgroup. If you
: need space to store a binary, try
: or
: From now on, iparker, post your binaries like this:

Well there seems to be some semantic confusion. I post articles to a

Putting something on a ftp server is not something I'd call posting.
(Then posting a link to the binary on the server is the right way of
making a binary available.) 



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