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On Wed, 1 Sep 1999, John S. Fine wrote:

> > DJGPP supports all of these packages, and all their combinations.  Unless
> > you have a *really* ancient version of QEMM (like 5.x or something;
> > current one is 8.03, I think), it should work just fine.  Anything else
> > is a bug or an installation snafu.
>   "all their combinations" ???

Yes.  Why are you so surprised?  I didn't say there were no bugs; I
just said that all those combinations *ought* to work (they were all
tested at one time or another), and that if you trace the problem to
any specific combination, you should report that as a bug.

In other words, there are no *known* bugs in any combination of the
packages you mentioned that would explain your crashes.

>   My QEMM is 7.02.

That's somewhat old, but the only known problems with it are that
(1) it crashes all DJGPP debuggers if you use QDPMI as your DPMI
server, and (2) it doesn't let you allocate a chunk of memory larger
than half of what's available.

The second problem is only important if you allocate many megabytes in
one call (or have a memory-starved machine), but the first problem is
IMHO grave enough to be a good reason for either an upgrade (you need
version 7.53 or later of QEMM) or for switching to CWSDPMI (since the
bug is in QDPMI, not in QEMM, you can keep QEMM installed).

All those problems don't necessarily shed light on your crashes.  I
understand that you already tried CWSDPMI, so QDPMI is not the villain

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