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From: Tommaso Mazzoni <tmazzoni AT etruria DOT com>
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Subject: Program has different outputs!
Date: Thu, 02 Sep 1999 16:27:58 +0200
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I have installed DJGPP because it supports the only fortran compiler
around, g77.

After successfully compiling my old fortran sources, I have found out
that the resulting executable SOMETIMES works well, sometimes it
doesn't. It's the first time that such a thing happens to me.

The program reads some files, then performs some calculations and then
prints out the results. But to have it work properly I have to run it
four or five times in a row until a sensible output is printed.
Otherwise I get a series of "random" numbers and also NAN etc.

The input files are read correctly even when the results make no sense.
The sources come from a UNIX machine where the same program runs

Is it a memory allocation problem? I have no idea.

Please help me.
Tommaso Mazzoni,

Tommaso Mazzoni
Etruria Technology S.r.l.
via Trento, 9C/B
16145 Genova - ITALY

Phone:		+390-10-314204	
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Mobile:		+39-347-7600813

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