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On Wed, 1 Sep 1999, ingrama wrote:

> gcc -s -o examples/ex6.exe obj/djgpp/ex6.o lib/djgpp/liballeg.a
> Load error: no DOS memory
> make.exe: *** [examples/ex6.exe] Error 1

I believe that what you see is a manifestation of the NT bug, whereby
the DOS box loses DPMI resources when a DJGPP program (in this case,
Make) calls a lot of subsidiary DJGPP programs (in this case, all the
instances where it called GCC, which in turn called the various
compiler passes and the linker).  See section 3.3 of the DJGPP FAQ
list for more details.

If my guess is correct, either typing "make" again, or closing the DOS
box, starting another one, and *then* typing "make" whould allow you
to run the build process to completion.

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