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The Alfermann Family (alfermann AT mail DOT usmo DOT com) wrote:
: I read through the readme file for DJGPP, but I can't figure out what #3
: under the installation directions means. Could you help me by clearing
: this up?

You mean:
3. After unzipping all the zip files, set the DJGPP environment
   variable to point to the file DJGPP.ENV in the main DJGPP
   installation directory and add its BIN subdirectory to your PATH.
   Assuming your DJGPP installation is rooted at C:\DJGPP, put these
   two lines into your autoexec.bat file:

        set PATH=C:\DJGPP\BIN;%PATH%

You need to open the file C:\AUTOEXEC.BAT in an editor and insert two lines:
set PATH=C:\DJGPP\BIN;%PATH%" (without the quotes)

and then save the file and reboot.

If you unzipped the files into another directory, say "E:\FFF\BLURP\DJGPP", 
you need to replace the string "C:\DJGPP" with "E:\FFF\BLURP\DJGPP" above.



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