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VESA won't work on NT. NT doesn't allow that kind of low level control. 
I don't think there is anyway to solve this. NT just isn't ment 
for DOS graphics programming.

ingrama wrote:
> When trying to run some of the examples which came with Allegro( the
> exe's in c:\djgpp\allegro\examples), I get the error seen below, or I
> get an idle blank black background (not a bluescreen). My system is PPro
> 200, NT 4, 64M. Most of the examples (up to and including ex21) work
> fine.
> C:\djgpp\ALLEGRO\EXAMPLES>ex31
> Error setting 24 bit graphics mode
> VESA not available
> Is this due to NT? Is there an easy fix for this? Thanks
> --
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