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Subject: Re: Pentium "General Protection Fault" (works on 486)
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On Wed, 1 Sep 1999, Alex Matulich wrote:

> Someone else replied and solved the problem -- he said he had a
> similar experience when one of his modules included a function
> called freelist(), which collided with a function of the same name
> in the library.

`freelist' in the library isn't a function, it's an array used by
`malloc'.  And that's exactly why the program crashes: the first time
the startup code calls `malloc' (to allocate the `environ' array),
`freelist' should be zeroed out, but it isn't!

> However, it seems to me that the real solution would be to make
> freelist() static in the library

Yes.  The current development sources already do that, so this problem
will go away when DJGPP v2.03 is released.

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