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Date: Thu, 2 Sep 1999 10:44:36 +0300 (IDT)
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Subject: Re: error?
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On Wed, 1 Sep 1999 Davetay21 AT aol DOT com wrote:

> This is what the -v on the end of the command line gave me.
> reading specs from c:\djgpp\lib\gcc-lib\djgpp\2.95\specs
> gcc version 2.95 19990728 (release)
> c:\djgpp\lib\gcc-lib\djgpp\2.95\collect2.exe -o samp.exe crt0.o 
> -Lc:\djgpp\lib 
> -Lc:\djgpp\lib\gcc-lib\djgpp\2.95 -Lc:\djgpp\bin -Lc:\djgpp\lib sampc~1.txt 
> -lgcc -lc -lgcc -Tdjgpp.djl
> collect2: cannot find 'ld'

Do you have ld.exe inside the DJGPP's bin subdirectory?  Did you
install the Binutils package (v2gnu/  What happens if you
type "ls --help" from the command line?

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