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From: "Dan Gold" <TedMat AT CoastNet DOT com>
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Subject: How to make allocate an array of strings?
Date: Thu, 2 Sep 1999 04:32:54 -0700
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Okay this is a stupid newbie question but I never actually learned how it
was done, mayby better suited for a C programming group but I want to
allocate an array of strings.  I understand how to use strings but not
create them and not multi-dimensional strings.  Could someone please give
me an example, the array will hold a list of filenames?  

// one dimensional
char * string = (char *)malloc(string_size * sizeof(char));

// two dimensional

Thanks from ((--Dan|Gold--))
ps: "Does anyone know of a really comprehensive more advanced C programming
book?" All I see now of days are C++ books. 

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