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Subject: Re: Can we vote on letting RSXNTDJ rest in peace?
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Shawn Hargreaves wrote:
> gives errors when used with the -s switch). It would be nice if
> there was some way to have both linkers installed at once and use
> a compiler switch to decide which one to run,

With 1.3, that wasn't much of a problem. Just rename the rsxntdj ld to
rsxld.exe or some euphonious name. Then, in the specs file, use the
Zwin32 flag to pull in the standard one, and the Zdll for the rsx
version. I'm sure something like that would work for 1.5, too. The only
time the modified ld.exe was needed was when building a .dll. This looks
like unresolved calls to the linker, so the hack was to rip out the
error paths, and let it build the package.

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