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Marp wrote:
> John S. Fine <johnfine AT erols DOT com> wrote in message
> >
> >   I ran the install under NT and just now under Win95.  It doesn't
> > crash.  I select the tseng driver and it says it is installed.
> > But I can't see any result.

> It places a file called vbeaf.drv in the root of your C: drive. You don't
> really have to do anything special to use it. When an Allegro program asks
> you to choose a video driver, select vbe/af.

  I want to thank everyone for their help so far, but I still
don't have it working.

  I moved that vbeaf.drv file from the Win95 computer where
install worked to the DOS computer that has the Tseng card.

  Now when I select either vbe/af or autodetect in the
Allergro test program, my computer reboots.

  Earlier, I mentioned the "spilled register" errors when I
tried to rebuild from FREEBS12 source.  I stopped trying
because there were so many.  Can I rebuild just a subset?
Is the Tseng version of vbeaf.drv built as a standalone
object during the make, or do I need to rebuild the entire
install.exe and have it extract the right vbeaf.drv?

  I'm not sure I can debug the Tseng vbeaf.drv, but I will
try if no one offers a better suggestion.

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