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Eli Zaretskii wrote:

> >    Should I be using a different version of something (DJGPP, or
> > CWSDPMI, or Allegro, or FREEBB, or QEMM)?  All these things have
> > other versions and it isn't clear which can go together.
> DJGPP supports all of these packages, and all their combinations.  Unless
> you have a *really* ancient version of QEMM (like 5.x or something;
> current one is 8.03, I think), it should work just fine.  Anything else
> is a bug or an installation snafu.

  "all their combinations" ???

  I started from scratch from the zip picker, because I wanted to
minimize version incompatibilities left over from my previous use

  The zip picker picked, but I tried several of the
indicated ftp sites and none of them had it (a few days ago).
So I used alleg311, which has the spilled register problems (and
fixed them by hand).  *That* isn't supporting all (version)
combinations.  I wouldn't expect such combination to be

  As I mentioned, FREEBS12 has even more spilled register
problems.  I guess I can try rebuilding it on an older
DJGPP install on one of my other computers.  But I hate
that sort of stab-in-the-dark approach to problem

  My QEMM is 7.02.

  Aside from the spilled register problems, I have no way
of knowing which other problems are version incompatibilities.
I assume other people are successfully using FREEBB12.  Having
tried a few computers and OS's etc., I don't think I have a
specific hardware or software problem in my own computers
that is causing all the trouble.  I'm just guessing a version
incompatibility (CWSDPMI vs FREEB, or something) because I
don't know what else to guess.

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