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Date: Wed, 01 Sep 1999 19:34:41 -0700
From: Maurice Lombardi <Maurice DOT Lombardi AT ujf-grenoble DOT fr>
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To: Eli Zaretskii <eliz AT is DOT elta DOT co DOT il>
CC: djgpp AT delorie DOT com
Subject: Re: bug in ginstall under bash ?
References: <Pine DOT SUN DOT 3 DOT 91 DOT 990901121650 DOT 25A-100000 AT is>
Reply-To: djgpp AT delorie DOT com

I have make all that you suggest
- eliminate SYSROOT
- create a file in the %DJDIR%/share subdirectory which contains
     export CONFIG_SHELL=${CONFIG_SHELL='sh'}
- edit the first line of djgpp.djl to read
and now everything runs smoothly with the unmodified unix makefiles after
running djgpp autoconf !
Many thanks !!!

       Maurice Lombardi
Laboratoire de  Spectrometrie Physique,
Universite Joseph Fourier de Grenoble, BP87
38402 Saint Martin d'Heres Cedex     FRANCE
Tel: 33 (0)4 76 51 47 51
Fax: 33 (0)4 76 51 45 44
mailto:Maurice DOT Lombardi AT ujf-grenoble DOT fr

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